What do you want for Gore’s future?

We chat over coffee with friends about what we want for Gore’s future, but now there’s an opportunity to share your views directly with Gore District Council.

In 20 years, Gore will look very different.

“It’s about looking ahead and thinking about what we as a community want for our children and grandchildren,” says the Council’s Regulatory and Community Services General Manager Dr Ian Davidson-Watts.

“It’s important that we have a think now about where the best places are for new growth and how that might look.”

The community’s ideas alongside the Council’s own research will be distilled into a spatial plan that becomes a blueprint for the shape of future growth in Gore District.

“The information we gather will give us a basis for policy developed in the district plan and drive Council’s thinking process around land-zoning,” Ian says.

The Council’s initial proposal is presented in A Discussion About Spatial Planning, available here. Or you can pick up a copy at our main office and Gore Library, in the James Cumming Wing, as well as at the Mataura library.

Get along to one of our community drop-in sessions later in February.


Share your views by writing a submission (available in the discussion document). Post or email your submission or do it online here. And if you’re at the Southern Field Days (12-14 February), visit the Council at site 201.


What do you want for Gore’s future?