Property files go digital

With 7200 files getting tucked into 550 file boxes, the digitisation of the Gore District’s property files is a big job.

But the benefits will be big too — customers will have smoother access to a property file they need to view.

When the job is done, all of Gore District’s property files will be stored electronically. If a file is requested, it will be available to view on a computer via a secure electronic link for a set time.

“This is a major step towards providing an efficient, readily available service for customers. It also means better security for these important records,” says Planning Manager, Dean Balkin.

Most queries for property files come from real estate companies, conveyancing and legal firms, and people wanting information about a property they are perhaps thinking of purchasing. There are usually around 10-20 file requests per week.

The Council’s collection of property files mirrors the District’s development, says Dean.

“The files really are a snapshot of history with different degrees of complexity down through time. Early property files from around1948 largely relate to factories, schools and halls, then from the 1970s onwards, they are mostly domestic dwellings.”

The files are being digitised in Auckland at a secure facility before they’ll arrive back in Gore.

“You can still request to view a property file while the project is underway, but it may take a little longer than customers have been used to for the relevant digital file to be retrieved,” says Dean.

“Throughout the process we’re ensuring the information held on the files is kept secure and privacy is respected. As happens now, information tagged as private will not be publicly available,” Dean says.

Property files go digital