Getting ready for tomorrow

There’s a conversation to be had about growth in the Gore District.

“Gore is growing, and house prices are increasing. We need the community to start thinking about future growth, and how and where the District could develop,” says Regulatory and Community Services General Manager, Dr Ian DavidsonWatts.

A draft conceptual document, A Discussion About Spatial Planning, was approved this week for consultation. The document sets out a broad, `helicopter view’ of Gore District, as a backdrop to thinking about future growth.

Each of our urban areas have opportunities and issues to consider, Ian says.

“The spatial plan aims to consider existing strengths such as transport connections but also the challenges to development such as natural hazards like flooding. It will help us balance environmental, social, economic and quality of life factors that affect our community.”

A series of community engagement events will be held in early 2020, as part of a `Ready for Tomorrow’ campaign, to gather the community’s ideas and feedback on growth. The spatial plan consultation document will be used to inform these conversations.

“This is a two-way street. We have done the background research and we have ideas. But, we want the complete picture and the community’s views are an important part of that,” Ian says.

After community feedback has been gathered, the spatial plan will be finalised. As a high-level guidance document for policy and infrastructure, it will feed into the Council’s annual, district and 10-year plans, and inform other detailed planning needs.

Dates and times of `Ready for Tomorrow’ community engagement sessions will be publicised early next year. Keep your eye out for them, and come along to share your ideas about the future of your place.

Getting ready for tomorrow